Special Events

Listed here are events that specifically relate to the areas of research, evaluation and knowledge translation.

HWDD 2015 - package

Health and Wellbeing in Developmental Disabilities ConferenceHWDD 2015 - package

The CNSC is the lead organizer for the 4th biennial Health and Wellbeing in Developmental Disabilities: Engaging Health Care Professionals Conference, to be held in Toronto November 29-30, 2017.  We are currently accepting registration and we also continue to share information about resources and new developments in the field via Twitter – follow us at@HWDDConf!

If you are interested in being involved in planning for the next conference, please contact Megan Primeau.

10th Annual SNSC Research Forum:  October 2nd, 2017

The 2017 Research Forum was convened on Monday October 2nd, at WoodstocDrk and District Developmental Services with tasty catering by The Taste of Woodstock, a social enterprise company that is supported by people with developmental disabilities. About 50 people gathered to hear a stellar line up of speakers and presenters from across the region including Dr. Olena Darewych, Registered Psychotherapist and Canadian Art Therapist who shared her research findings about the awakening of art skills within people with disabilities, and many others whose PowerPoint links are found below.

Research 2017

Olena Darewych, PhD presented on “Awakening Imagination in People with Developmental Disabilities”
You can view her presentation by clicking on the following link: Awakening Imagination in People with ID DD – Olena Darewych 2017-10-02
Article: JODD – Digital Technology Use in Art Therapy with Adults with DDJODD – DIgital Technology Use in Art Therapy with Adults with DD
DatApps Table: DarewychDATAppsTable

Sue Hutton presented on “The Real Stories: Research that Draws and Talks”: Respecting Rights Research CNSC October 2 2017 SH  –   Self Advocacy from the Ashes

Other presentations and handouts:

Dr. Boyd – Curriculum of Care:  C of C CNSC Research Symposium – Dr Boyd
MacHealth site to view vignette and other materials:  https://machealth.ca/programs/curriculum_of_caring/ 

Alan Santinele Martino –  The Romantic and Sexual Experiences of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in Ontario, Canada.  Please follow this link for Alan’s presentation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3K6v2fDm4hbcEtOYjdGWS1Za1U/view?usp=sharing

Evguenia Ignatova – Qualms About QAM: An Exploratory Study.  Please follow this link to access the slides: Qualms about QAM_EvgueniaIgnatova_SNSC Oct. 2 Slides

Kelly Carr – Showcasing strengths on a world class stage:  Paralympics and the transformation of attitudes toward intellectual and developmental disability.  Click on the following link to access Kelly’s presentation: Carr, K. SNSC Presentation 2017

Central Updates:
CEDDEC Evaluation: CEDDEC Evaluation – infographic – final
entral CNSC Evaluation and Research Update: Central CNSC Evaluation & Reserach update – Sep 2017
ommon Thread Initiative Outcomes: CTI Activities and Outcomes Infographic – as of Mar 22
Toronto Transition Series Event (TSE): SLF Transitions 2016 – evaluation infographic