Specialized Accommodations

As part of the MCSS Transformation, each Community Network of Specialized Care of Ontario was asked to plan the establishment of specialized accommodation with their community partners by designing a model that supports local needs across the province. The purpose of this initiative is to offer an opportunity to enhance the support systems to effectively support individuals in their local community in the most non-intrusive way possible. While other community resources will still be required, these enhanced specialized services can provide a more effective community-based solution or supplement what is currently available.

The Community Networks of Specialized Care of Ontario have taken responsibility for coordinating the Specialized Accommodation provider group with quarterly VC meeting as a way for specialized accommodation providers to network, discuss common issues and share successes. Although there are a variety of models across the province, we can all learn from each other’s experiences. The group has been meeting since November 2010 and they provide a valuable opportunity for information-sharing and discussion around common issues. For example, as part of the discussion on physical and environmental modifications, members provided advice on modifications and shared supplier information. The meetings have also served as a structure to discuss best practices and areas where a common approach could be taken.