Dual Diagnosis Justice Case Managers

Since 2006, as a part of the overall court support service enhancement initiatives in the province, Dual Diagnosis Justice Case Managers have been placed into the Court Support and Court Diversion Services within the Province of Ontario. Funding for these positions was given from Ministry of Health to MCSS to administer. Each network was involved in finding host agencies for these positions. Each Network used its own process unique to their own regional culture, and as a result some Dual Diagnosis Justice Case Managers (DDJCM) are housed in Mental Health Agencies and some are with Developmental Services Agencies (some reporting to their Network Coordinator and some housed by the Network Lead Agencies). The DDJCMs have been affiliated with the CNSC-O’s since their inception and have been working with health, justice and corrections professionals with the view to keep people with a Dual Diagnosis out of the criminal justice system and/or support them through the justice process. These 12 full-time equivalent (FTE) (23 Case Managers) have been working toward ensuring that people with a dual diagnosis – that is, a developmental disability and mental health and/or behavioural issues – receive the right community supports at the right time. Dual Diagnosis Justice Case Managers are supported by the CNSC through “Provincial Dual Diagnosis Justice Rounds” at their request. Initially, they and their lead agencies were feeling isolated and as a result the CNSC-O has taken a lead role in coordinating their provincial group. The twenty three positions that make up the 12 FTE, their supervisors from the mental health or developmental services agencies, the eight coordinators of the Community Networks of Specialized Care meet provincially via videoconference quarterly for 2 hours. The group additionally conducts in person meetings at provincial conferences such as the Human Services and Justice Conference, and the Special Needs Offender Conference. The quarterly rounds are have been chaired by the CNSC Coordinator in Central West, and the East.