Toolkit for Searching for Research Information


Disclaimer: Please note that resources and examples used in this document represent areas of interest at a certain point in time. These are current issues people are wondering about, and hence were used to illustrate how to do an effective search about it. We recognize that with time information, websites, and search tools may become obsolete and/or the results of the searches will change.

Who Is It For?


Have you ever been asked by a client or a supervisor to identify reliable information online and you found Google a bit overwhelming?

This toolkit will help you streamline the search process.  It has been created for anyone who has ever searched Google or Google Scholar and would like their searches to be more targeted and productive.

How Does It Work?

The six steps outlined below will introduce tricks and techniques that will save you time and, once put into practice, will lead you to reliable information.

You can explore the toolkit by using the links in the menu and/or by downloading any of the following documents to review offline: