Toolkit for Planning Education Events


This toolkit will assist you to plan, develop and deliver educational events for adults that provide a meaningful experience for all. It provides a structured process that is easy to follow and includes templates and samples. It is based on best practice in the field of adult education and the expertise of individuals with many years of experience in the design and delivery of educational events.

Who is it for?


Need to develop a training session at your organization? Not sure where to start? Maybe:

  • Someone just told you about a renowned guest speaker they heard and want to bring to your organization.
  • You’re charged with planning a conference for a new “hot” topic in your practice area.
  • Your organization was offered some new funding for training.


How does it work?

Whatever your situation, just follow the steps in this toolkit and you can produce a quality learning experience every time!

A full set of templates is provided, as well as a sample to show you how each step might look.

You can explore the toolkit by using the links in the menu and/or by downloading any of the following documents to review offline: