Videoconferencing is a very successful technology which enables productive meetings when face-to-face is not possible. You can experience the visual interaction necessary for truly effective communications. Groups or individuals from many different geographic locations can participate, often from the comforts of their own community.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services and Community Networks of Specialized Care have recognized the many benefits of videoconferencing and are continuing to invest in and grow the number of sites at which this technology can be accessed. The partnership with the Ontario Telemedicine Network acts as the backbone for reliable and secured connections not only to our sites, but to thousands around the province and beyond.

To access our events on the webcast server ( ), select the Private events area in either the Live or Archived Events category.  Then login with
USERNAME ‘cnsc1’
PASSWORD ‘network1’

If you prefer to view the session on DVD, a free copy can be mailed upon request. Please use our DVD Request Form to have your copy sent out.

Some of the uses within the Networks include:

  • Treatment to specialized populations
  • Assessments and counseling
  • Consultations among professionals, specialists, individuals and/or families
  • Professional development
  • Training and education
  • Strategic Planning / Administrative meetings

The advantages of using videoconferencing are:

  • Increased access to services available in other communities
  • Reduction in costs related to travel; financial, emotional and environmental
  • Enhanced level of service over audio conferencing, email, instant messaging, etc.

The Community Networks of Specialized Care works to make access and use of videoconferencing as easy as possible. There are six videoconferencing coordinators in the province who will answer any questions and facilitate the needs of the people we serve.

Our videoconferencing sites are located throughout the province in strategic locations to further minimize travel if we do not have a site in your community.