Toolkit for Planning Education Events
Step 5: Construct the Evaluation

Step 5: Construct the Evaluation

Early on when designing the session, you can think about how the success of the event will be evaluated. Evaluation formats can include surveys, demonstrations and comparisons of pre- and post-training performance. They can range from basic to complex, whether on paper or electronic.

As a first step in sorting through the maze of options, check to see if your organization has any standard templates. You may be able to start with the templates provided and adapt one to your needs. Identify what your stakeholders will want to receive in a summary of the feedback – hosts, funders, champions, clients, participants, etc. – then formulate questions that will capture that information. In general, keep things as brief and straightforward as possible.

Session Evaluation

For the post-session evaluation, some key questions to consider include:

  • How was their experience during the event (e.g., what parts of it did they like, what would they suggest be done differently next time)?
  • What skill or knowledge do learners say they have gained?
  • What key messages are they taking away?
  • What plans do participants have to apply their learning? (When someone commits to something concrete, they are more likely to carry it out.)

Template: Session Evaluation

Evaluating Knowledge Transfer

When participants are back at work after a period of time, ask:

  • How has their new knowledge or skills transferred into performance?
  • What are they doing differently?

Template: Knowledge Transfer Evaluation