OTN & Inter-network Connections

Previously, OTN was the sole provider of videoconferencing services to developmental services agencies through the CNSC videoconferencing program.  Since the migration to BlueJeans, the direct access to OTN has been scaled back for agencies, but it is not completely eliminated.  A few key agencies (CNSC accountability agencies and DSOs) still have direct OTN access, as well as the ability to schedule meetings in the OTN nCompass system.

All other agencies can continue to hold meetings with OTN sites through the inter-network connection process.  There are three steps to making an inter-connection.  Steps 1 and 2 can be done in either order, but it is faster if the BlueJeans meeting ID is know first.

Step 1) The scheduler for the BlueJeans site creates a meeting in BlueJeans and shares the meeting ID with the scheduler at the OTN site.

Step 2) The scheduler for the OTN site creates a meeting in nCompass.

Step 3) The scheduler for the OTN site contacts OTN at 1-855-654-0888 and requests a BlueJeans connection with the BlueJeans meeting ID be added to their OTN meeting.

At the time of the meeting, OTN will auto-connect to the scheduled sites, and to the BlueJeans network.  The BlueJeans participants will manually join the BlueJeans meeting.