Health Care

CNSC Health Care ServicesThrough a small team of Health Care Facilitators, CNSC-O is working to improve access to primary care for individuals with a developmental disability, and to build capacity with health care professionals through training, education and support.

Working collaboratively with the Developmental Disability Primary Care Initiative, CNSC-O is using the new Primary Care Guidelines and accompanying tools to assist health care professionals, caregivers and families in enhancing the primary care experience for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Consistent with the provincial mandate, the Health Care Facilitators continue to partner with community agencies, service providers, caregivers and provincial Ministries to ensure current best practices in providing health care to individuals with developmental disabilities are available, and integrated into care.

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document iconDual Diagnosis Toolkit for Primary Care Providers
This website is a one-stop resource to help primary health care providers care for patients who have developmental disabilities and mental health problems.
A quick reference (The Primary Care Provider’s Role)
Care management tools and guidelines
Information to help you locate – and link patients to – specialized supports and services.

The Dual Diagnosis Toolkit was developed by Surrey Place Centre , the Community Networks of Specialized Care and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.