BlueJeans Troubleshooting

The most critical element of videoconferencing is your internet connection speed.  You must have a connection which supports both upload and download speeds of 4.5Mbps to experience full HD quality videoconferencing.  The BlueJeans application will adjust your quality if you do not have the capacity for full HD.  In these cases the minimum speed to have a successful connection to a meeting is 1Mbps with degraded quality.  You can test your speed using this tool and also ensure the PING value is less than 40ms.  If your test results are not sufficient, you may need to contact your local IT department to see if they can improve your connection speed.  Often the root cause is using Wifi that has a weak signal or is congested (too many users).

If your connection is not an issue, the next most common problems are hardware related.  Things like the wrong speaker or microphone being selected if you have multiple options or the device not being detected at all.  These can often be resolved by simply exiting the meeting and rejoining, ensuring the correct device are selected at the join screen.

Answers to many other BlueJeans questions can be found on their support page.   In addition there is an online chat tool available on that page if you cannot find and answer yourself.  During a call, the quickest way to get an issue resolve is contact the BlueJeans help desk at 1-408-791-2830.

For issues related to accounts, OTN or Interconnect options, please use this form.